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Everything was just perfect..

Everything was just perfect..

It all started in February 2004 when a realtor friend of ours called and said “The Stork Nest Inn is for sale, do you or Brian know anyone interested in buying it?” I said I would think about it and by the time Brian came home that evening,  I was convinced that we should buy it.  All day I had been thinking about how ‘cute’ the Inn looked with it’s red tile roof, flower baskets and charming European style breakfast room. I imagined that owning an inn meant meeting jaunty travellers from around the world and we would have sherry together in the lounge and we would direct them to the wonderful points of interest. The following day we called the realtor and he showed us the property. We made an offer and everything was just perfect.  Well, not exactly.  We were mostly like Sybille and Basil Fawlty in John Clease's "Fawlty Towers" at the beginning.  Starting at 6 am every morning and going until midnight every day for the first 3 weeks was exhausting (plus we owned an outdoor shop in town).  The Inn came with a couple of wonderful housekeepers but other than that we were on our own.  We could barely answer the phone properly, take a reservation or fry an egg the first week and all  23 rooms were full.  On our first day of ownership, at midnight, we suddenly realized that we hadn't started any laundry yet.  20 loads later we had to figure out how to fold it and put it somewhere.  Fortunately the next day our housekeepers trained us how to do those things.  Things began to settle down when an aquaintance walked by late one evening and saw us struggling with sheet folding through the window.  She came in and said, "you need to hire me now and I want this wage" We did as she said and she saved our lives.  Now it seems super easy to answer the phone and take a reservation, fold a towel and fry an egg.  But as I was training a new girl yesterday I had to go back and remember how hard it all seemed at first.


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